This repository provides long-term preservation of the digital materials of publisher Merve Verlag, Leipzig, Germany, and supports open reading access to its complete catalog. Enter search information in the box above or click the 🔍 symbol to browse all books. Click on a book and use the 'Read in browser' link. There are author and publication date filters too, but note that due to the large number of contributors these are indicative: they list only the more popular titles—alternately enter a forename, surname or complete word from the title for comprehensive access.

Between 2015 and 2019 Merve created a homogeneous digital corpus from its catalog of over 500 titles, which dates back to the 1970s. Publications for which there was no digital origination have been scanned, and then OCR and semi-automated editing has enabled creation of clean, technology-agnostic markup, with full tables of contents and flexible electronically-linked references and footnotes. Parallel treatment of later publications, for which there are digital sources, enables both back- and current-catalogs to be reproduced as print-on-demand, as well as searched and maintained using consistent interfaces.

Creation of IIIF page and annotation services plus an Invenio repository, using this data in early 2020, now guarantees long-term accessibility of Merve's books. New developments will lead to a print-on-demand service for out of print books, custom compilations and facilities to search and annotate the complete text content of the publisher's catalog.